10 Minute Makeup Tips, Simple But Look Beautiful

Makeup is indeed a mainstay to look beautiful. Here's a simple makeup for 10 minutes to look beautiful.

It is undeniable that women cannot be kept away from makeup. Some women don't even feel confident if they don't use a set of cosmetic tools when doing their daily activities. Makeup is indeed a mainstay to look beautiful. 

However, in its use, there are still many women who stutter when wearing makeup. From the makeup they wear, there are those who think that they are not perfect, such as thick makeup that makes it look menor . As a result, women look older than their actual age.

Reporting from Boldsky , here are simple makeup tips for 10 minutes to look beautiful while undergoing activities.

1. Clean Face

Get used to before using makeup, make sure your face is clean and dry.

2. Apply Moisturizer

After feeling clean, then apply a facial moisturizer that suits your skin type.

3. Use Foundation

Apply foundation on the face evenly and not too thickly, so that there is no stripe between the skin of the neck and face. To be evenly distributed, the foundation is applied from the top to the bottom, do not spread. Also pay attention to the foundation that matches the skin tone.

4. Use Powder

After the foundation spreads evenly, apply loose or compact powder. However, if using compact powder, brush it with a brush so that the results are thin and even.

5. Eye Makeup 

If you are constrained by the lack of time you have to prepare makeup before you move, you can ignore eye makeup. However, if you want to apply it, you can start by using a nude eyeshadow to make it look natural.

The next step is to curl the   eyelashes optimally followed by using liquid eyeliner or pencil. E eyeliner is applied to form the eye line, but not too thick. Then use mascara to make the eyelashes look more voluminous.

For eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil by shading slowly starting from the inner end of the eyebrow, to the outer end, in the direction of the growth of eyebrow hair. A special comb can be used if you want to groom your eyebrows.

6. Use Blush On 

Using a brown blush is intended so that the face does not look menor. Simply brush the blush on lightly according to the cheekbones.

7. Use Lipstick

The last effort is simple makeup to look beautiful using lipstick. Its function is to outsmart so that the face does not look pale. Could use a lipstick color pink , nude , or peach as a complementary makeup natural.

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