Recipe for Making Chicken Penyet Simple and Delicious

Recipe for Making Chicken Penyet Simple and Delicious - Have you ever eaten chicken penyet?. How to fry a savory and tender chicken and then serve it covered with spicy chili sauce makes the chicken penyet recipe a simple and delicious home-cooked menu. The fried chicken, which was previously cooked with spices, is an authentic Indonesian culinary dish that is very popular after being added to the sambal with various creations

Chicken penyet which comes from the Javanese language which means crushed is now not only easily found in big cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta or Bandung, but its fame has spread across islands and even across countries.

The variety of types of Indonesian chili sauce makes the chicken penyet appear very diverse. Not only chili sauce or chili greens, but this savory and tender fried chicken can be a daily menu at home with a taste sensation of fresh chili according to taste.

In addition to sharing tips and easy ways to make fried chicken that is tender, delicious and savory, a simple chili sauce with a pervasive spicy taste, we can also try the sambal penyet recipe below.

Chicken Penyet Ingredients and Seasonings:
1 kg of chicken, cut into pieces and wash thoroughly and then coat with lime juice for about 15 minutes
2 bay leaves
2 lemongrass stalks crushed
1 tsp salt
tsp seasoning or according to taste
500 ml water
Enough oil for frying

Fine seasoning :
5 candlenuts
4 cloves of garlic
6 pieces of onion
4 cm turmeric
3 cm ginger

Ingredients for sambal penyet:
10 pieces of red cayenne pepper (chicken lamb)
5 pieces of red curly chilies 5 pieces of red
1 clove of garlic
1 tomato
1 tsp of brown sugar
tsp of salt
tsp of seasoning

How to make Chicken Penyet and Sambal :
Prepare a pot of water Also add ground spices, bay leaf, lemon grass, salt and seasoning. Mix well then add the chicken pieces. Turn on the fire and cover the pot, uncover it until the boiling water recedes, turn off the heat.

After the chicken is cool enough, fry the chicken pieces in hot oil until they are golden, remove and drain.

Wash the cayenne pepper and curly chili, then pierce it with a knife so there is no risk of it bursting when fried. Fry chilies, onions and tomatoes until cooked or wilted.

Grind the ingredients that have been fried earlier, don't forget to add salt, brown sugar and seasoning, and mix well.

Set or mash the fried chicken as desired using a mortar and pestle on top of the chili so that it is evenly mixed and absorbed. The chicken penyet is ready for us to eat with warm white rice and various kinds of vegetables.

If you want to complement the ungkep seasoning so that the chicken meat is more special, savory after frying, you can see the chicken penyet recipe which is a special dish that has been shared previously.

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